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Mods Quicklist & Installation

Devilin Pixy
This post was updated on .
Update October 3rd 2012!
- Added 'More Paintings Insane Edition' to the mods. See below! (bottom of list)
Updated July 30th 2012!
- All mods have been updated to the latest versions.


I am not going to fully explain how to install the mods, this is just a quick guide. Installation instructions can be found on the respective links to the mods. Make sure you get the exact version of the mods as shown. If you need any help or want me to guide you through, contact me.

- Use a clean Minecraft 1.2.5 and make sure you backup your old game!
- Run Minecraft once to create folders and have a fresh update.
- Make a backup of your new .minecraft folder.
- Install each mod or set of mod components one by one, run the game inbetween each install and backup your .minecraft folder each time as well if all works fine. Follow the exact order in the list above!
- <jar> = copy content into the minecraft.jar
  <mods> = copy to the mods folder
  <unzip> ... = unpack archive and copy into mentioned folder
  * = Important! If a change in .cfg is mentioned, you will need the right config file to make the mod
    work. Use the config files I provided. Overwrite existing config file! Do this each time a change is
    mentioned after installing the mod. The config file name and location are both mentioned.

All should work fine when you followe this guide step by step.

Config files needed:

- Download Config files
  Create a folder where your minecraft.exe is located and call it 'Config files' to make it easy to find.
  Download this .zip archive to that folder and unpack the .zip, you will then have the 6 config files

Needed mods for client:

- Forge <jar>
  * delete META-INF
  * this is not a recommended build
- Buildcraft 2.2.14 5x <mods>
  * changed .cfg: buildcraft.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/buildcraft/config/
- Industrial Craft 2 1.97 <mods>²/industrialcraft-2-client_1.97.jar
- RedPower 2 2.0pr5b2 7x <mods>
  * changed .cfg: redpower.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/redpower/
- Advanced Machines 4.1 <mods>
  Unzip the package and the client mod version .zip archive goes into the 'mods' folder
- Compact Solars <mods>
- Additional Pipes 2.1.3 <mods>
- Equivalent Exchange 2 <mods>
- Forestry <mods>
- Railcraft wiki / Railcraft forum 5.4.7b <mods>
  * you MUST open the Railcraft zip and delete the "buildcraft" folder!
  * changed .cfg: railcraft.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/config/railcraft/
  * changed .cfg: modules.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/config/railcraft/
- Computercraft 1.41 <mods>
  * changed .cfg: mod_ComputerCraft.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/config/
  * changed .cfg: mod_CCTurtle.cfg >>> .../.minecraft/config/
- ChickenBones
  - CodeChickenCore 0.5.5 <mods>
  - Not Enough Items <jar>
    - RedPower plugin 1.3 <mods>
    Other plugins by: Mistaqur
      NB: Google Chrome will not work with the following plugin links
    - Forestry plugin <mods>
    - Railcraft <mods>
    - Industrial Craft 2 <mods> 
  - Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition:
    - Core ( <mods>
    - Addons ( <mods>
    - RedPower ( <mods>
- More Paintings Insane Edition FML Version - Only for 1.2.5 <mods>
  NB: I am working on a custom paintings texture file, contact me for a download.

All should work now and you are welcome to join my server once I whitelisted you ;-)

Optional mods for client:

- Rei's Minimap v3.2_04 <mods>
- Rei's Sound Fix Mod 1.2.5 <jar>
- OptiFine 1.2.5 <jar> Often causes glitches, just so you know.
- IRC Mod <mods>
  A great mod which uses Twitch chat in Minecraft.
- Sound Packs v1.3 <mods>
  A nice mod that adds sound packs to the game just like texture packs.
  I made 2 sound packs which changes all music used:
  - 'Background & Mood'
  - 'Electronic'
  Contact me for a download of those packs or for any suggestions.
  I am working on other sound packs as well. Currently busy with a Drum and Bass pack with exclusive
  tracks from DZD2 a Dj I know.