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Installation guide

Devilin Pixy
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Make sure to use Java 64-bit !!!
I do recommend using MultiMC 5 (current version 0.3.5)
This should however work on most launchers although it might need to be done slightly different.

Install instructions

  • Install Minecraft 1.6.4 with Forge and run it once!
    MultiMC ---> Create new instance. Name it and select Minecraft version 1.6.4. Right-click the instance created and select 'edit mods'. Now a button on the right should show 'Install Forge'. Click it and select version
  • Download the modpack from the 'Permissions and download' topic.
  • Unpack the download using 7Zip or WinRar.
  • You will now have 2 folders called 'mods' and 'config'.
  • Browse your files for your Minecraft install/instance and replace both the 'mods' and 'config' folder with the ones you downloaded and unpacked. If the 'config' folder does not yet exist, just paste it in.
    MultiMC ---> Location of the folders in your instance to replace should look similar to this: E:\MultiMC\instances\Fun Paradise IV\minecraft\...
  • Before you run Minecraft again, make sure to give it enough memory and a big enough PermGen size. Extra Java Virtual Machine (JVM) parameters are optional though recommended.
    MultiMC ---> Right-click instance and select settings. Click the Java tab and set 'Minimum memory allocation' to 1024MB, 'Maximum memory allocation' to 2048MB - 4096MB max and 'PermGen' to 256MB - 512MB max. JVM parameters are optional but recommended.
  • Now run Minecraft and all should work just fine ;-)

Have fun