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Devilin Pixy
This is the new modded Minecraft server, Fun Paradise II.

The server uses mods distributed by Feed The Beast (FTB) to make installing for clients a lot easier. You will find a link to download the FTB launcher and installation instructions in the post 'Installation'. The rules will be explained in the 'Rules' post.

So what is this server all about?

    Well, basically it will be pretty much the same as the previous server as many may know. This time however I want to work together on projects even more. We will not be doing that in creative mode like we used to for main purpose builds, but all will be built in survival mode to make it more challenging. Quite a few mods have been added, creating even more possibilities.
    Fun Paradise II will be all about functionality and most of all fun of course. We will be able to build adventure maps, skyblock games, parcour maps, towns/cities, PvP arenas, amusement parcs and whatever else you can think of. All of this in one single world and adding as much funtionality as possible, full integration. We can connect everything with a railway system, or be able to teleport from one place to another. You will still be able to build your own great mansion as well of course and do things for yourself. For the main purpose builds we will have a separate mining and storage system we can all use. We can also work on creating an energy network for all of us. I just want the world to become something special where we all work on together.

So YEAHHH, let's have fun and make Fun Paradise II an awesome world