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Devilin Pixy
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    Fun Paradise is the new Minecraft server I am running, has 20 slots and is whitelisted only. The server will be running 24/7 for as much as possible and is meant for players who love to build and use several mods. For a list of mods used, check out the next post below called 'Fun Paradise Mods Quicklist & Installation'. The server is in survival mode for all players. Players are expected to NOT grief or cheat in any way as well as respecting other players' builds, which means that any damage you cause to buildings in what ever way needs to be repaired. Don't take anything that belongs to someone else without asking first.

    Players are free to build whatever they like and I would advise to keep quite some distance from other players building to not get in eachothers way. New players will have to take a train to the main town area and go to the Hotel where they start from. A hotel room will be available for everyone with a nice starting kit to get you going. The rules will be available in your hotel room as well. The main town also has a train station which will be leading towards all areas where players are building. There will be other places to visit in the main town area as well. I am planning to set up a PvP arena and other fun features/frenzies, which will be announced in advance for all to join. I am planning to create adventure maps too. With the lack of Bukkit things have to be done slightly different, but i am working on it. I am also trying to implement a cash system using floppy disks and computers. This way I can award players for events and do all kinds of other things with the cash you start with. All I expect from players is to be creative and try to make your builds as epic as possible. Lets make this a great fun world together, Fun Paradise ;-)

   If anyone has ideas or wants to build something within the main town area, let me know first, so I can approve of it and see to it that things get integrated the way I like. Ideas can be anything, like fighting arenas, mob wars, team wars, adventure maps, skyblock maps, rollercoasters, waterboat rides, anything ... just be creative. Some of those builds might need their own area and maybe even need creative mode to make them. No problem, creative mode can and will be granted if needed when it comes to general builds available to all.

    Excited? ... great! Want to join? ... kewl! Install all the mods and the config files with the guide below and get it all to work fine. Once all works, get in touch with me so I can whitelist your In Game Name and give the IP. You can email me or use any other way to get in touch. Just remember, 20 slots only!

    See ya in Fun Paradise .... woooot !!!