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Devilin Pixy
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Sept 20th 2014

Updated MCA to latest version including its Radix Core file.
We did not have latest versions.

Now all seems to work, yay!


Sept 22nd 2014

Crash when adding latest version of Pam's Harvestcraft (1.7.10b)
Figured out the problem and now using latest development build for OpenComputers (

Replace with/use OpenComputers new dev build


Sept 23rd 2014

HardcoreEnderExpansion updated and fixed bug
Delete Java7Checker and HardcoreEnderExpansion and put the new ones in

PS: - Working on getting issues fixed for Forestry to be added. Issue between HEE, Forestry and Doggy Talents.
        - Server is crashing then restarting and looping this.
        - Seems like the Cauldron server does not like ShadowWorld trying to use server files to get client info (not allowed).
          Needs further investigation, but done for today.


Sept. 25th 2014

Immibis Microblocks
Mc Crayfish Furniture

-U- Doggy Talents (for now) Keeping it in client should not cause any problems

Server runs when ExtraUtilities is removed.
Could be an issue with either EU or ShadowWorld according to crash logs.
Needs informing both mod developers to have them resolve the issue.

-U- Binnie Mods is causing server to crash, its outdated and cant keep up with Forestry changes. Hope to add it later again once updated.

Discussion about server side mods and Bukkit plugins is needed.

-!- PiP not added yet to client mods.


Sept. 27th 2014

TheErebus-0.2pre10 has been added to the modpack and server (dropbox Exploration - Mobs or Updates folder)
RadixCore-1.7.x-1.3.3-universal updated (dropbox StorageUtil or Updates folder) REMOVE OLD VERSION!
MCA-1.7.10-4.1.4-universal updated (dropbox StorageUtil or Updates folder) REMOVE OLD VERSION!
Botania r1.2-119 updated (dropbox Magic or Updates folder) REMOVE OLD VERSION!
Baubles-1.7.10- updated/added (dropbox Magic or Updates folder) REMOVE OLD VERSION IN INSTANCE .../mods/1.7.10/ FOLDER!


REMOVE extrautilities-1.1.0k FROM 'mods' FOLDER!




Sept 29th 2014

*U* NEI crash when in creative (not C+) showing the tabs and pages, going to page 4.POSTED and hoping for a fix.

* NEI subsets sometimes bug out. Removed ExtraUtilities. NO ISSUES SO FAR!

*U* Still need to report the Extra Utilities crash with ShadowWorld. DONE!

* Testing to see if Erebus mod will cause any issues when added to the pack.
* Looks great so far, needs testing on server. NO ISSUES FOUND!

* Need to test microblocks (covers) which might crash with ChickenBones mods or Forge #1217. NO ISSUES FOUND!
-!- Need to add to config Immibis Microblocks > tileEntity classes for cables/pipes.
* Need to test Archimedes ships. NO ISSUES FOUND!

*U* MapWriter does not show much at all in TheErebus dimension. POSTED on forum!


October 1st 2014

Updated shadowworld-1.3.0 to shadowworld-1.3.1 - 'Exploration - Mobs'
Added extrautilities-1.1.0k - 'StorageUtil'

Replace: immibis-microblocks.cfg in 'config' folder


October 3rd 2014


Mods that will need updating, not done yet though!:
- CodeChickenCore
- ShadowWorld
- PneumaticCraft

Need to check flying (disable)


October 6th 2014

Big update, about 17 mods!


October 7th 2014

Binnie Mods crashes with HEE, registering recipes before registering blocks/items.

Thaumcraft update depends on Forge #1208 or higher!
This is a big issue with Cauldron (#1207) not being updated!
I knew this was going to happen, part reason for being so stressed out!
So no more Cauldron/plugins or are we going to play a waiting game?

The joys of making modpacks and running a Minecraft server!!!


October 8th 2014

There is now a BPS patch available for Cauldron to update to latest Forge #1217!

Hope to get it on the server soon, so I can continue to work on the modpack.
By the time I get the updated Cauldron, I hope FML fixed their fluid registration issue as well.


October 23rd 2014

Updated all mods


November 7th 2014

Updated all mods


November 14th 2014

Completely updated, fixed world and everything!!!

If you want my key settings, copy the file from 'Copy to minecraft' to your 'minecraft' folder in your instance, overwriting the existing ones.
Or you could carefully copy just the keys into your own options file using Notepad++ if up for an easy challenge.

keybinds *** DONE > options file
Fix disappeared microblocks (removed entries from region already) *** DONE
Replace changed microblocks (search/replace in NBTExplorer) *** DONE

Time for me to do configs, have fun!


November 17th 2014

Ready for LAUNCH!

Completely updated again, issue with Shadow World seems fixed with the update.
Make sure to update Forge to version #1236 for MC 1.7.10

Removed PiP + iChunUtil > causes a crash once activated
Moved Spawn and build area to new dimension and set up portals
Updated Cauldron again to #1236-211

Going to work on 'todo' things to hopefully be able to launch soon!


November 18th 2014

Changed config on Lycanites Mobs to not let Queen Vespa's spawn hives. (junglemobs-spawning.cfg)
Lowered spawn rate to half the amount on all mobs from Lycanites.
Had to create portal to The Nether because Spawn dimension does not allow for default portal to be created.


November 19th 2014

Changed region protection at portals to Spawn. No PvP allowed within 50 blocks.


November 20th 2014

Fixed region flag for Nether portal spawn to allow 'use'


November 28th 2014

Updated the following mods:

Botania r1.3-138
Forbidden Magic-1.7.10-0.55
LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]


This is to fix an issue with AsieLib/Computronics > ExtraUtilities and possibly Enhanced Portals not having full CoFH API implemented.
Thanks to vortex on #computronics :-)

Update configs:


Set difficulty server to HARD (3)


December 5th 2014

Added NEI Addons > neiaddons-mc1710-
Added NEI Integration > NEIIntegration-MC1.7.10-1.0.1

Go get them from the dropbox 'mods' folder.


December 6th 2014

DOES NOT WORK: Allowed mob-spawning in building world, but turned deny-spawn for most hostile mobs is set.
This is to make the golden lasso useful for getting animals now that the portal doesnt allow animals through.
Still have to wait for Lycanites update to do further testing.


December 7th 2014

Disabled Block 'o Bones (grave) to not lose items.


December 10th 2014

Big update again!

16 mods updated:
- Automagy-1.7.10-0.16
- Baubles-1.7.10-
- BloodMagic-1.7.10-1.2.1b-1
- Botania r1.3-141
- CoroUtil-1.1.1
- EnhancedPortals_1.7.10-universal-3.0.9
- HardcoreEnderExpansion  MC-1.7.10  v1.6.6
- immibis-core-59.0.5
- Java7Checker  MC-1.7.10  v1.1
- LycanitesMobsComplete [1.7.10]
- mffs-
- MrCrayfishFurnitureModv3.4.6(1.7.10)
- NEIIntegration-MC1.7.10-1.0.2
- NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-
- PneumaticCraft-1.7.10-1.4.3-40-universal
- resonant-engine-
- Weather-2.3.7

Mod added:
- thaumcraftneiplugin-1.7.10-1.6a

Configs changed:
- erebus
- lycanitesmobs (full folder)
- immibis-microblocks

Game changes:
'mob-spawning' flag set to allowed again in building dimension.
Vanilla mobs spawn again in the building dimension!
Events and default mob spawning for Lycanites in the building dimension is disabled!
Some mobs from Lycanites can however still spawn!!!
Some Lycanites effects may still happen!
Watch those presents you get!!! Holidays events!

So beware now!
Hoping the building world allows easier access to resources without making it too hard.

Had to add ic2>api>tile>ExplosionWhitelist to MFFS to fix a crash.
Stupid dependency on IC2 all of a sudden.
Why not include the class for those who do NOT have IC2 installed?
Did this myself, not even going to report this Epic Fail!

Let me know if there are any issues!


December 12th 2014

Changed config for Lycanites:
Mob events for salty tree and satan's claw have been completely disabled.
These events are special Holiday/Season events and overwrite the black/white-list.

Fixed WorldEdit biomes not functioning in 6.0. Using 5.6.3 works though, thnx Scratch!


December 19th 2014

Added some textures/skins for the Xmas build to Custom NPC's.

Replace: CustomNPCs_1.7.10b from the 'mods' folder in your instance with the one on dropbox.


December 27th 2014

PVP has been turned off for now.
If we want PVP on again we first need to set very clear rules.


Dec 29th 2014

Check if crash with Thaumic Tinkerer Dynamism Tablet has been fixed. Missing API Computercraft.
Can not be removed from the world, because the missing API actually prevents it from being placed and registered in the region files.
Can only be removed by adding the API (CC).
Will update after NY's and force a fix if needed.


January 3rd 2015

Big update to the modpack!

- Added Binnies Mods, but broken recipes have been removed by HEE (still not fixed).
- Added Inventory Tweaks to the modpack (client only).
- Demon Invasion (HEE) is set to be creative only.
        This can ruin the building world and needs to be done in any other dimension.
        min. 1000 blocks from community portal.
- Changed Immibis microblocks config to be able to use covers on most pipes/tubes.
        Works on Vanilla redstone as well, but glitchy (invisible, needs block update).
- Turned on Holidays events again in Lycanites, need to check if not happening in Building world.
- CoFHLib is still needed. Computronics/ExtraUtilities still haven't included the full API.
- ComputerCraft API now seems to be included with Thaumic Tinkerer.
        No longer crashing when placing the 'Dynamism Tablet).


Jan 4th 2015

- Osmotic Enchanter is broken, should be fixed with a next update when released
- Reverted ExtraUtilities to 2.1.0, because Transfer Nodes (Energy and Hyper Energy) are broken in 2.1.1
- Installed dev version from Thaumic Tinkerer on Jenkins: ThaumicTinkerer-2.5-1.7.10-437
        This fixed the Osmotic Enchanter ;-)



All configs

Permissions to distribute modpack