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Devilin Pixy

For those who want to join the upcoming project server, I am asking the following:

● Tell me why you would love to join my server.
● Describe your experience with Minecraft, server, mods or plugins.
● Pictures of your own builds, projects or games you created in Minecraft.
● Your In Game Name (IGN) and/or Twitch account name.
● Anything else you wish to share that might might improve your chances to join.


Make sure you are dedicated to working on projects we start!
I only want really interested players on my server who are willing to spend a lot of time FINISHING a project.

For this server I will be very strict in who I pick to join, so don't feel butt hurt if you are not chosen to join.
Just make sure to impress me with your application and prove to me you're worthy.

To apply: reply to this post and I will get back to you by Twitch PM and/or your registered email on this forum.
I will also reply on here of course ...